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TT Line Freight Routes

 Travemunde Trelleborg
 Rostock Trelleborg
 Travemunde Helsingborg
TT Line Freight
TT Line, a privately owned ferry operator, has been running a direct ferry service between Germany and southern Sweden since 1962.

With over 40 years experience, TT Line is one of the leaders in both market share and standard of quality in freight traffic between Travemunde and Trelleborg, and Rostock and Trelleborg.
On arrival at Travemünde all trailers drive through a scanning facility which checks the trailers electronically for damage and determines the length and height of the vehicle.
TT Line freight ferry schedules are coordinated in such a way that freight drivers can make the best use of the legally required rest periods. On both day and night passages, there will always be a bed in a comfortable cabin which includes a shower and toilet.

TT Line Freight ferry ports

Travemunde Trelleborg Helsingborg Rostock
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Why use TT Line Freight

 All cabins are located above the vehicle decks and are equipped with shower and toilet.
 State-of-the-art loading terminals with elevated shore ramps to speed up loading and unloading.
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