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Scandlines Freight Routes

 Rostock Gedser
 Rostock Trelleborg
 Ronne Sassnitz
 Trelleborg Sassnitz
 Bojden Fynshav
 Puttgarden Rodby
 Helsingborg Helsingor
 Nynashamn Ventspils
 Karlshamn Ventspils
 Rostock Ventspils
 Aarhus Klaipeda
 Aarhus Aabenraa
 Aabenraa Klaipeda
Scandlines Freight
Scandlines is the largest ferry company in the southern part of the Baltic.

Scandlines is one of the world's most frequently running shipping companies. With almost 160,000 departures, they annually transport aboard their ferries up to 20 million passengers, 4 million cars and about 900,000 freight trucks. They manage 16 ferry routes between ports in a triangle symbolized by their company logo, marked by the boundaries of Denmark, Germany and Sweden; operating passenger and freight ferry lines between Denmark and Germany, Denmark and Sweden, Sweden and Germany, to the Baltic States and inside Denmark.

On-board you'll find a wide range of restaurant, catering and tax-free services, ensuring passengers a complete service aboard their modern ferries.

Freight drivers can expect the best in terms of service on all 16 of Scandlines Freight ferry routes.

Relaxation, rest time, delicious and varied food in a modern, comfortable atmosphere plus the longed for cabin (on direct routes to Sweden and the Baltic States) to enjoy that well earned rest.

On most of Scandlines short haul routes, Puttgarden to Rodby for example, Freight drivers have the opportunity to take a refreshing shower – just the thing after or during a strenuous journey.

On some of the night ferries, there is also an opportunity to visit the sauna, video and TV rooms and cinemas.

Travelling with Scandlines, whatever the route, you are assured that the service you will receive is the highest in quality to help make your journey as stress free as possible.

Scandlines Freight ferry ports

Karlshamn Ventspils Rostock Gedser Trelleborg Bojden Fynshav Sassnitz

Puttgarden Helsingborg Nynashamn Helsingor Aarhus Aabenraa

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Why use Scandlines Freight

 Scandlines is the largest ferry company in the southern part of the Baltic
 Large freight ferry route network
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