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Transeuropa Ferries Freight Routes

 Ramsgate Ostend
Transeuropa Ferries Freight
Transeuropa Shipping Lines has been operating successfully between the two ports of Ostend and Ramsgate since November 1998.
Transeuropa Ferries, founded in June 2001, is the Belgian and UK port and ferry division of Transeuropa shipping Lines and are the only ferry service operating directly to Belgium from the South of England. Transeuropa Freight ferries run 6 ships, crossing up to 8 times per day between Ramsgate and Ostend with a crossing time of approximately 4 hours.

All drivers are provided with Cabins, lounge areas and meals free of charge.

Transeuropa Ferries Freight ferry ports

Ramsgate Ostend
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Why use Transeuropa Ferries Freight

 Only Cross Channel operator sailing to Belgium
 Dedicated terminals and berths at both Ramsgate and Ostend
 Free meal on board and sleeping accommodation for Freight drivers
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