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Eurotunnel Freight Routes

 Folkestone Calais
Eurotunnel Freight
Eurotunnel Freight is one of the most convenient ways to transport freight between the UK and continental Europe. Quite simply, they get you there, quickly.

Since commercial services started progressively from May 1994, 175 million people have travelled through the Channel Tunnel, i.e. 3 times the population of each of the two linked countries, the United Kingdom and France.

Since the start of commercial truck service in July 1994, Eurotunnel has carried a total of 9,858,805 trucks, an equivalent of 128 million of freight goods.

Eurotunnel Freight ferry ports

Folkestone Eurotunnel Calais Eurotunnel
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Why use Eurotunnel Freight

 Fast and Frequent Service
 Rapid Check-in and on site customs clearance.
 Rapid disembarkation directly onto the motorway
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