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DFDS Tor line Freight Routes

 Newcastle Amsterdam
 Harwich Esbjerg
 Newcastle Kristiansand
 Newcastle Gothenburg
 Kristansand Gothenburg
 Oslo Copenhagen
 Brevik Gothenburg
 Ghent Brevik
 Gent Gothenburg
 Harwich Gothenburg
 Immingham Brevik
 Immingham Cuxhaven
 Immingham Esbjerg
 Immingham Gothenburg
 Immingham Riga
 Immingham Kristiansand
 Immingham Rotterdam
 Tilbury Gothenburg
DFDS Tor line Freight
DFDS Tor Line is part of the DFDS Group of Companies, one of the largest in Denmark. The name DFDS comes from the original name under which the company was founded in 1866: Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab (The United Steamship Company).

DFDS Tor Line is the freight ferry division of DFDS Seaways and operates an extensive freight ferry network with sailings between the UK, Scandinavia and Continental Europe, as well as within Scandinavia.

DFDS Tor Line transports around nine million tonnes of freight annually, corresponding to approximately ten million lane metres.

DFDS Tor Line routes are broken down into seperate areas called 'Bridges for trade in Europe'.

Accommpanied freight ferry traffic is accepted on:

- AngloBridge
- BritanniaBridge
- ElbeBridge
- EuroBridge
- NorBridge

AngloBridge is DFDS Tor lines link between Sweden and the UK. AngloBridge operates a high-frequency service between Gothenburg in Sweden and three UK gateways, Immingham, Tilbury and Newcastle.

BritanniaBridge is the link between Denmark snd the UK. From the combined passenger and freight terminal in Esbjerg on the Danish west coast,
there are 3 departues weekly from Harwich and 7 times weekly from Immingham.

ElbeBridge consists of two services linking Cuxhaven in Northern Germany with Immingham and Harwich in the UK.

EuroBridge connects Gothenburg in Sweden with Ghent in Belgium allowing the freight driver to bypass the increasing traffic congestion and road tax payment on European roads.

DFDS Tor Line Norbridge service provides the freight driver with efficient Ro-Ro services, linking Norway with UK and the rest of Europe.

DFDS currently operates 65 vessels of which six are passenger vessels and 59 are freight vessels (Ro-Ro, Lo-Lo, Ro-Pax), with the average age of their freight vessles being 10 years.

DFDS Tor line Freight ferry ports

Newcastle Amsterdam Gothenburg Oslo Copenhagen Kristiansand Immingham Harwich

Esbjerg Brevik Gent Cuxhaven Riga Klaipeda Tilbury Rotterdam

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