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Brittany Ferries Freight Routes

 Portsmouth St Malo
 Portsmouth Caen
 Portsmouth Cherbourg
 Plymouth Santander
 Plymouth Roscoff
 Plymouth St Malo
 Plymouth Cherbourg
 Poole Cherbourg
 Cork Roscoff
Brittany Ferries Freight
Over the last 30 years Brittany Ferries have become the undisputed leading operator in freight travel across the Western Channel.

Brittany Ferries State of the art ships operate on a greater variety of routes, and from a greater selection of departure ports, than any other ferry company.

Each route has been specifically designed to save drivers large amounts of time and mileage.

It's not only our routes that are designed with the driver in mind. Brittany Ferries Freight place the drivers personal comforts high on our list of priorities. That's why they have specially reserved areas in tranquil surroundings for drivers to dine in, and provide them with cuisine of the highest quality.

When it comes to their all-important rest, every driver is allocated with comfortable cabin accommodation.

With the easily accessible ports that the Brittany Ferries Western Channel freight service offers and their diverse route structure, departures morning, noon and night, plus an enviable reputation for punctuality, it all means that delivery deadlines can be consistently met without pressure or uncertainty.

It all adds up to the most driver friendly service available.

Brittany Ferries Freight ferry ports

Plymouth Portsmouth Caen Saint-Malo Poole

Roscoff Cork Cherbourg Santander

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Why use Brittany Ferries Freight

 Direct and cost-effective routes
 Top quality food and on-board facilities
 From abnormal loads to small vans
 More mileage-saving departure ports and destinations
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