Portsmouth Port Guide

Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port directions

For ferry routes to the France, Spain and the Channel Islands, follow any major route to Portsmouth and join the M275. Follow the marked exit road directly to the ferry port.

Gunwharf Ferry Port directions (Isle of Wight ferries)

Enter Portsmouth using the M275. Follow signs towards the city centre, and then signs towards the historic ships. You will then find the Isle of Wight ferries signposted when nearing Portsmouth Dockyard.

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Ferry operators at Portsmouth

Acciona Trasmediterranea (Crossing to Bilbao)
Brittany Ferries (Crossing to Caen and St Malo)
Condor Ferries (Crossing to the Jersey and Guernsey)
LD Lines (Crossing to Le Havre)
P&O Ferries (Crossing to Bilbao)
Wightlink (Crossing to the Isle of Wight)