General information

Do make your booking in plenty of time. Ferry services can be very full at peak times. Don't forget to consider your return journey.

Do ensure you choose the easiest way of getting to your destination. Contacting ferry companies can be problematic if plans change and they are not UK based – even for us!

Do ensure that you declare the correct length of your vehicle at the booking stage. It can mean the difference between getting on to the ferry or being left behind...

Do ensure that you are not carrying extra fuel in jerricans or the like. This is illegal on a ferry and you will find it very difficult to dispose of the fuel before embarking due to safety regulations.

Do ensure that you take your passport. Don't laugh, the author worked for ferry companies for 20 years and had to refuse people shipment virtually every day during this time for forgetting their passport or bringing the wrong one....

Do let us know if you are taking animals. Most ferry companies do not accept freight vehicles carrying pets, although there are exceptions, and there are restrictions when carrying horses. Weather can also play a large part in the acceptance of horses.

Do allow plenty of time to get to the port. Most ferry companies operate a cut off time for checking in. If you do not check in by this time you may find yourself being left behind. It is especially important if you are carrying dangerous goods, animals, and goods in refrigerated vehicles.

Do ensure that you tell the ferry company at check in if you have any goods that require refrigeration during the journey. Most companies will need this information for their loading plan to ensure that your vehicle can be plugged into the ship's electric supply.

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