Dangerous Goods

Do ensure that if your vehicle is loaded with any form of dangerous goods you have all the relevant paperwork such as dangerous goods notes (dgn) and trem cards.

Do ensure that your vehicle is properly labelled with the correct stickers.

Do ensure that your dgn is correctly signed. Most of these forms require a signature to declare that the information on the dgn is correct and a second signature to declare that the vehicle has been packed properly in accordance with the law. If your dgn does not have a declaration for the packing then you require a separate packing certificate. These cannot be signed by the driver and you will be refused shipment without them – so make sure that the exporter gives you all the documents and they are correctly completed.

Do contact us about your dangerous goods. We are happy to give advice concerning the shipment of dangerous goods, so why not use it? Give us a call and discuss the shipment with us – the ferry companies will need to know what you are carrying before you turn up for shipment. Remember, some dangerous goods are not suitable for shipment on certain routes or ferries, so it is in your interest to keep us informed.

Do allow plenty of time for arrival at the port. Dangerous goods take longer to process at the ticketing stage than any other form of shipment. Most ferry companies have a strict cut off time which they will apply to these shipments – if you have not arrived by then you will not be allowed to ship.

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