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Silja Line Freight Routes

 Helsinki Stockholm
 Turku Stockholm
 Helsinki Tallinn
 Turku Kapellskar
Silja Line Freight
Silja Line is one of the leading Ferry Companies on the Baltic Sea with daily departures from Finland to Sweden and Estonia.

Every year, Silja Line carries more than 5 million passengers and over 100,000 cargo units on its 8 ferries.

Silja Line Freight transports goods on large passenger ferries and SeaWind Line's RoPax ships running the Finland-Sweden and Finland-Estonia routes.

Most Silja Line vessels offer truck drivers a comfortable, quiet and private section for rest and relaxation.

The counterfoils on the ticket entitle the driver (on most ships) to a berth, sauna, food and coffee. The counterfoils can also be used in other restaurants on the ship, but cannot be exchanged for cash.

Silja Line Freight ferry ports

Helsinki Turku Stockholm

Tallinn Kapellskar

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