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Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight Routes

 Liverpool Birkenhead Belfast
 Liverpool Birkenhead Dublin
 Heysham Belfast
 Heysham Dublin
Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight
In November 2005, the Norse Merchant Group was aquired by Norfolkline and all activities of NorseMerchant Ferries are integrated in the Norfolkline Ferry Division. The new name of the service is Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight.

Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight offer over 100 sailings each week across the Irish Sea through a network of routes between the ports of Birkenhead (in Liverpool), Belfast, Dublin and Heysham.
Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight ferry routes are designed to offer cost advantages for the freight driver.
The longer sea crossings between the commercial centres of Dublin, Belfast and Liverpool Birkenhead coupled with the alternatives through Heysham facilitates easier and more cost effective traffic planning.

Once on-board, you can sit back, relax, enjoy a meal in the restaurant, unwind with a drink in the lounge, watch a movie or simply relax in one of Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight's spacious cabins - all equipped with full ensuite facilities.

Norfolkline Irish Sea Freight ferry ports

Liverpool Birkenhead Dublin Heysham Belfast
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