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Moby Lines Freight Routes

 Genoa Olbia
 Livorno Olbia
 Civitavecchia Olbia
 Genoa Bastia
 Livorno Bastia
Moby Lines Freight
Moby lines freight ferry services operate between the ports of Livorno, Genoa and Civitavecchia in Italy and Bastia - Corsica and Olbia - Sardinia.

Equipped with special architectural features and an exceptional interior, Moby Lines ships have a special character, which is also reflected in the atmosphere on board and the furnishings fulfilling the wishes of every traveller. With a special deck reserved for entertainment and relaxation, including a shopping centre and large screen televisions.
Further amenities aboard Moby Lines vessels include pool and sundeck. All ferries are equipped with air conditioning, heating and stabilizers.

At a speed of 29 knots you will reach your destination so quickly that you will regret having been on board for such a short period only.

All things considered, taking your freight across to Corsica or Sardinia with Moby Lines freight services will leafve you feeling like you've had a well earned holiday break.

Moby Lines Freight ferry ports

Genoa Olbia Livorno

Civitavecchia Bastia

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Why use Moby Lines Freight

 Excellent onboard facilities
 Large network of routes to Corsica and Sardinia
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